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I admit I'm a little apprehensive to join this community because I adore Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll and Hyde is my second favorite show ever and I loove The Scarlet Pimpernel.) *flinches* Please don't hate me! It's kind of a guilty pleasure. That and Aida ._.

Anyway... uh, what can I say, I've been a musical nut since 1st grade. I take them very, very seriously and I get annoyed when people don't. So you can probably imagine why RENTheads and Wicked fans (... do they have a title yet?) drive me insane. I always say that RENTheads are the lowest step on the musical fandom ladder, then Wicked fans. Yes, I cannot stand people who only know of RENT, Wicked, Phantom, and Les Mis if they've progressed enough. They drive me crazy! Actually, I hate casual theatre-goers. I know it's not nice of me, but I can't help it. Like when I saw Les Mis and there were kids in front of me who were seeing it with no prior knowledge, and they had no clue what was going on. One even said it was happening during the French Revolution... arghhh! I wanted to hit them.

As for my thoughts on the shows themselves... try as I might, I simply cannot hate RENT. I hate the fans, and I think that it's really overrated, but I just can't hate the show itself. There are, however, shows that I would much prefer to see. As for Wicked, I think it is terrible. There's a reason it lost the Tony! The plot is so inane and the music... God, Schwartz, what happened to you?

I am wondering if any of you include ALW on your lists. I personally think that he is a sell-out who ruined musical theatre; there are only three shows by him that I actually like. Plus Phans (I don't mean all Phantom of the Opera fans, I mean Phans) tend to know as little about other musicals as RENTheads and other people.

Anyway, I guess I should list my favorite shows: Miss Saigon, I already mentioned JaH, Les Mis, Passion, The Light in the Piazza, Parade (even despite its historical inaccuracies,) Ragtime, Side Show, and many more.

So, looking forward to posting here!
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